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Certified Canine Massage Therapist.  Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Katie was employed as an exotic animal trainer & caretaker.  Her degrees are in Pre-Vet Animal Science as well as Exotic Animal Training & Management.  She has 10+ years experience with exotic & domestic animals! Nurturing is in her nature! 

canine massage & stretching

Canine massage appointments are performed in the convenience of your own home for the comfort of your pet

Top 10 Benefits:
  • Relieves muscle tension, improving flexibility & increasing range of motion

  • Deters separation anxiety

  • Breaks up soft tissue adhesions & scar tissue, improving compensation patterns

  • Strengthens & regulates the respiratory, circulatory, immune, & gastrointestinal functions

  • Decreases the production of stress hormones

  • Flushes toxins from the body

  • Accelerates recovery from soft tissue injury

  • Decreases inflammation in the joints

  • Enhances dog/owner bond

  • Regular massage allows for faster detection of illness, disease, & injury